02 April 2010

Reply to a pseudo-intellectual blog article

Have you ever tried smelling a Lotus in the wild?

Chances are that you have not, because it is deep in mud, sometimes filled with stinking water.

In a country where taboo has unfortunately made masturbation more common than sex, we end up masturbating intellectually and screwing it up than thinking rationally.

Perhaps you should read the last verse of the Hymn of Creation in the Rig Veda. Here is goes:
"That out of which creation has arisen,
whether it held it firm or it did not,
He who surveys it in the highest heaven,
He surely knows - or maybe He does not!"

Read religion as guidelines not set of rules and you will start having answers. Sage Kapila propounded the Samkhya philosophy to LOGICALLY PROVE GOD DOES NOT EXIST. Swami Vivekananda went further to show how Advaita Vedanta filled the gaps in the conclusion to make it a perfect logical argument to show GOD EXISTS. But I guess you are still getting ready to reach the intellectual level required to understand that logic.

In a small family, parents talked about how solving of differential equation and state space problems lead to the development of rocket and mankind's leap into new era. How propulsion system improved the speed and helped us achieve escape velocity. There small child of 4 years, with eyes full of innocence looks at them and ask them can this technology bring me "Dairy milk bar"?

When your bliss lies only in lying down in green field with mangoes in your hand, the need of religion become as absurd as the rocket science to that small child. Your arguments do not go beyond your material need of senses of soothing shade, delicious taste which above child ask for in Dairy milk bar.

Regarding the utility of sadhus and all, I would like to begin with the ultimate aim of man in his life? Why I asked this question is to understand the utility to you of a true sadhu. Consider the above example, if this small child goes to his science teacher and ask him I want my dairy milk and this teacher, just to please his "customer" takes out eclairs and give him for time being. This child is happy. So are we treated by so-called Babas. But does this act of teacher undermines the actually utility which is he designed for in universe? Similar is case with a Sadhu, if you feed garbage question, you will get garbage out.

Coming to the question of Hanuman taking large size, Krishna Bhagwan doing rass lila, why do think they have described in our religious texts so beautifully and are these stuff in real or more symbolic in nature to make lesser fools like us to understand the deeper meaning. Its just because our mind can think in terms of dimensions. Thats precisely why the reason we hindus propagated both fields of worship (sagunaa and nirgunaa bhagwan). After all small child has every right and to love his own god with folded hands before his hanuman ji.

It is for a purpose that almost all Hindu gods have blue skin and yellow robes. Each man is born different. Each needs answers he wants to hear.

There are two principles: All people are not equal. And this world is "Will to Power" not "Will to Survive"....

Before commenting on religion, read it, understand it. After all, you need something to keep order in the filled with idiots.