02 June 2014

Earning money to reach God – Salary to do Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual path, a path to enlightenment and a path to God. We try to incorporate Yoga-asanas into our life because they make our bodies healthier. But Yoga to reach God is always considered a path that can be taken only when we leave the path of our household lives. This may not be true.

Have you ever wondered how the work you do every day to earn your daily bread can the same work of Yoga to reach God? Is it even possible? The answer, with a little effort is an obvious yes! The same job that gives you salary is the same work that will make you realize God and on top of it earn respect in everyone’s eyes.

We have all come across auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers who do not have enough change, even two rupees to settle the transaction. I have also come across Auto-rickshaw drivers who keep magazines with a good luck blessing written to engage their customers while they travel. Will you have a quarrel with such a driver for two rupees? Are you not going to trust him more when he says he’ll take you through the shortest route? Did he not end up getting more respect from you while doing his daily job? And didn’t he seem like a person who takes care of his customers and is worthy of what he is doing? Isn’t he already doing a form of “Karma-Yoga” that makes him closer to God? Perhaps, he is closer to God with more peace of mind than you?

We are all so engrossed and addicted in the thought of being SOMEONE. It is our mental idea that we can’t let go of. When we compare ourselves with others, we always find targets we have not met. We always have such targets that we didn’t achieve. We remember them and make our lives bitter. But aren’t our best memories of times we enjoyed together with family and friends? They are the ones who see the potential in us we can’t see when we compare ourselves with others. And they are the people for whom we must change our mindset. This is where God helps us.

The God I am talking of is the one who keeps guiding me and telling me, “You can do it better”, “Did you think of the people affected by your action”, “Are your decisions and actions making you happy?” As Narendra Modi ji said, the key is not in being someone to others, but doing something for others. Possibly failing, but doing everything you can. This gives you respect that comes from love, not fear. Love always trumps fear and puts you on the way to God. Did we keep our commitment of working the way it work was to be done? Did you put your heart and mind and soul to it? This is the path of Yoga to God. Will you smile at all strangers you come across? Will you smile at the next person you meet?

Yes you will!

~S. N. Ray