10 January 2009

Buddha is smiling

I am proud to be Indian. All of us writing this blog are. It is because we were brought up to love our country and its people. Thinking for yourself and still touch the feet of elders. That is what our religion teaches us,  the religion of this sacred land.

Be it Hinduism or Sikhism or Buddhism or Jainism, the religions of this land make us mighty and humble at the same time. But has it not happened that others have taken this humility as cowardice? I am like Shri Hanumaan, but I control my voice and volume before saying I believe in Lord Ram. That too in my own country. I need a law telling me with a stick that i should stand when the national anthem is being played! 

The reason why we are so meek is that we dont understand our own country, nor how religion is woven into the lives of hindustaanis nor trust our own beliefs. The only Hindu country of the world falls and jehadis attack us with pride. Still we need more reason to stop being meek. 

We are the most civilised people. Yet we look at the United States with desire. Why cant we have a United India here? Let us regain the faith in our civilization. Through this blog to understand our religion and how it makes us better and makes us show our pride for our maatribhoomi.

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