23 March 2009

Hindu education teaches Motherland worship

Chandragupta Maurya, who deposed Alexander's ruling representatives from the soil of India shared a vision common with his teacher, Acharya Chanakya. It was the vision of an India where irrespective of language or dress or region, everyone shared a common culture of the land. That is what defines this great nation. Everyone is bound by the one word of Hinduism that is an integral part of Indian culture, 'OM'.

This is a song from the TV series 'Chanakya', where all students led by Chandragupta offer a song is praise to their motherland:

The lyrics are as given below:

hum kare rashtra aradhan, hum kare rashtra aradhan,
tan se mann se dhan se, tan mann dhan jeevan se hum kare rashtra aradhan

antar se mukh se kriti se, nischal ho nirmal mati se
shraddha se mastak nat se, hum karein rashtra abhivaadan

apne haste shaishav se, apne khilte yauvan se
praudhtapoorn jeevan se, hum karein rashtra ka archan

humne ateeth ko padhkar, apna itihas ulatkar
apna bhavitavya samajhkar, hum karein rashtra ka chintan

hai yaad hamen yug yug ki, jalati anek ghatanaaye,
jo maa ki sewa path parr, aayee bannkarr vipadaaye,
hamane abhishek kiyaa thaa, jannani ari-shonit se,
hamane shringaar kiya tha, mata ka ari-mundo se,
hamane hi use diya tha, sanskrtik uchcha sinhaasan,
maa jiss parr baithi sukh se, karati thi jag ka shaashan,
abb kaal-chakra ki gati se, jab toot gaya wo sinhaasan,
apana tan mann dhan dekarr, hamen kare punar-sansthaapan,
hum kare rashtra aradhan, hum karen rashtra aradhan

(ENGLISH translation)
We worship & respect our nation, We worship & respect our nation,
by our body, by our mind, by our wealth, by body mind wealth and life we worship our nation

by our soul mouth deeds, by steadiness from our calm conscience,
with heads bent by our faith, we humbly request our nation

by our joyful childhood, by our emerging youth,
with the life of our adulthood, we pray to our nation

by studying our past, by turning pages of our history
by understanding our potential, we think about our nation

we remember numberous age-old glowing incidents
which came as obstacles in the path of service of my mother(land)
we anointed our foreheads for war with our mother(land)'s vermilion (sindoor)
we adorned ourselves with weapons of our mother(land)'s words/language
it was we who had given her the high cultural throne
sitting on which she peacefully ran the affairs of the earth
the wheel of time has broken that throne of hers
we will reinstate that throne sacrificing our body mind wealth
as we worship & respect our nation, we worship & respect our nation

Today we have to pause and think, can we recite even two lines of our national song 'Vande Mataram'? Do we understand the meaning of the lyrics of our national anthem? We feel proud to call ourselves secular just like we love to wear fashion. But are we sure we are not forgetting our patriotism as we are becoming more and more secular??? Difficult questions, hence easily avoided and forgotten.


  1. Watch the clip of this song in here -


    how melodious it sounds :)

  2. hamane abhishek kiyaa thaa, jannani ka ari-shonit se, (We had anointed our mother(land)with the blood of her enemies)
    hamane shringaar kiya tha, mata ka ari-mundo se,(We had adorned our mother(land) with the heads of her enemies)

  3. गोरक्षा भारत रक्षा
    भारतमाता की जय
    गोमाता की जय हो
    सत्यसनातन आर्य वैदिक धर्मं की जय हो
    गाय बची तो मरता कौन | (If krishna's Indian cow is happy , then everybody will be happy)
    गाय मरी तो बचता कौन ||(If krishna's Indian cow is killed, then everybody will be dipped in sorrow) Currently Krishna's Bharateeya cow (gau) is slaughtered under government policy. Save Indian breed of Krishna's cow.
    वन्दे मातरम् ||